Our Firm - Windsor Capital

Windsor Capital was founded on the principal of taking the mystery out of the capital markets. The solutions and transactions can take many forms. A transaction rarely duplicates itself and our professionals have the experience and understanding to help navigate the myriad of needs. We are our client’s champions and advisors. By assessing opportunities, we can help steer the negotiations to a highly successful conclusion for all.


Who We Are - Windsor Capital

We are dog lovers. We are boaters. We love and dote on our families. We are cat lovers. We like mountain biking. We like surfing. We are hikers. We are scuba divers. We are late sleepers and early risers. We love college football. We like golf. We enjoy ballet. We go to hockey games. We like art. We love skiing. We have 14 children and six grandchildren. We like to travel and we like to stay home. But most of all we love what we do and we strive to do it well.