Senior Manager

William Sweeney - Windsor Capital

Mr. Sweeney began his career in the pharmaceutical industry. Serving across a wide range of functional disciplines and markets with over 35 years of experience. Throughout his award-winning career, Mr. Sweeney consistently built and sustained high-performance teams, while developing others to their highest potential. As he assumed expanded levels of responsibility, Mr. Sweeney evolved his career to meet the ever-increasing complexity of the markets, deals and opportunities as they arose. Throughout his career, Mr. Sweeney has demonstrated a consistent ability to finalize deals and bring transactions to fruitful conclusions. Key positions held by Mr. Sweeney include Vice President of National Accounts, Roche; Vice President of Metabolic Franchise Sales, Genentech, and Corporate Officer, Roche USA. His continuing education has included certificate programs at The London Business School and Columbia University as well as in-residence postgraduate courses at The University of Michigan and The University of California, Los Angeles.